Haus Welbergen Castle

Ochtrup, Germany

Haus Welbergen is perhaps one of the most beautiful secrets of the Münsterland. Although the moated castle is not as well known as some other castles in Westphalia, it is in no way inferior to them in terms of beauty and charm.

A Gräftenhof was first mentioned in 1282 where Haus Welbergen now stands. The Lords of Welleberghe lived on the estate from 1298 to 1330. In the middle of the 16th century it was converted into a moated castle. The complex consists of an outer and a main castle and is surrounded by a ring of moats.

Visitors enter the courtyard of the outer castle via a drawbridge, which is bordered by the gatehouse and the farm buildings and stables on one side and by a wall with round corner towers and a chapel on the other. In the middle of the inner courtyard of the castle complex is the small garden, which is nevertheless well worth seeing. It is worth a visit at any time of year - but especially when the roses are in bloom.The castle changed hands several times over the centuries until it was sold to the banker Jordaan van Heek in the late 1920s. After the death of his widow Bertha Jordaan van Heek, Haus Welbergen and its extensive property passed into a foundation bearing the name of the founder Bertha Jordaan van Heek.

Haus Welbergen has a rich archive, the most valuable part of which is the correspondence from the circle of Baron von Fürstenberg and the Princess of Gallitzin. Today, Haus Welbergen is used for conferences.Cyclists reach Haus Welbergen via the 100 Castles Route. Leave your bike for a few minutes, enjoy the peace and quiet in the park and take advantage of the beautiful paths around the historic building.



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Bökerhook 6, Ochtrup, Germany
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Founded: 16th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Reformation & Wars of Religion (Germany)

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User Reviews

Daria Stefanik (12 months ago)
Beautyfull place.Pretty interesting.Worth to visit no one time.
Stuart Arthur (12 months ago)
Very nice garden and worth visiting.
Deepa Willems (15 months ago)
Very nice place; good place to walk around. You cant visit and watch the house from inside. Only at some dates.
Andrei Chetroi (2 years ago)
Nicely located on an island separated by water, the castle house is in a very good condition, was not open to the public, but the premises around could be visited, especially worth it the well aranged garden in front. The area around the water castle are pleasent for a healthy walk.
Sigrid Firmin (3 years ago)
A absolut lovely place, and so near my home, just 7km, 20 min by bike
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