Wadköping Open Air Museum

Örebro, Sweden

Wadköping open-air museum with its wooden buildings and courtyards gives an idea of what Örebro's buildings and city environment used to look like. Wadköping has been located here since its opening in 1965 and comprises buildings and courtyards moved here from central Örebro. A town street runs through the middle of Wadköping with buildings on either side. One side, with its low-proportioned, red-painted buildings depicts 17th, 18th and early 19th century buildings, while the other side shows Örebro´s city environment after the great fire of 1854.

Nowadays the buildings in Wadköping are home to shops, craft workshops, museums and exhibition venues. The area is open all year round admission free.



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Founded: 1965
Category: Museums in Sweden
Historical period: Modern and Nonaligned State (Sweden)

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4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

A H (16 months ago)
Lovely area with historical buildings, museums, shops and cafes. Would really recommend to stop by the Hjalmar Bergman museum to put a bit of context to the area. Besides that, great space to wonder around and enjoy the sights the different experiences it offers.
Michael B (2 years ago)
I might be unfair only giving 4 stars. Wadköping definitely gets 5 stars for Ambiance and Cozy Feeling. The quality of the place is in top and an absolute must to visit if you have the least interest in history. My only reason to take it down to 4 stars is that I think I have seen better similar places with regards to information about the historical period depicted. A bit too commercial for my taste, but at the same time I have to say my wife loved it :)
Espen Engan (2 years ago)
Nice place with different small shops. I’ve cream shop was very nice and had good selection and tasty ice cream. There is also a park, playground and nice walking areas around.
Mathias Landell (2 years ago)
Nice place with a cozy feeling. Had a stroll here for 1.5h. Walking around and looking at the old houses and various shops. Would recommend.
Geoffrey Poynter (2 years ago)
Great spot. Original old buildings with a variety of small business on site. Very pleasant to wander around
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