Malevi Monastery

Arcadia, Greece

The monastery of Malevi or the Dormition of the Virgin, is one of the three most important monasteries in the Kynouria province, together with Loukou and Elona. The monastery is located on a wooded slope surrounded by fir trees, eight kilometres from the town of Xerokampi, 47 kilometres from Tripoli and 30 kilometres from Astros.

The first Malevis Monastery was built on a high place called Malevou which is now called Kanala in the isolated and trackless forests of Malevou. The chronical book of the monks states that the first monastery was founded in 717 AD, but a year later all of the Monks died, and the final monk, seeing his inevitable end, left a hidden message of what transpired. From that time other monks decided to leave this monastery and re-build the monastery at another, lower location.

There are many icons of Panagia throughout the centuries that have been shown miraculous by the Grace of Christ and the Theotokos and for over forty years, the ancient Icon of the Dormition of the Theotokos (called Panagia Malevi) has been exuding Holy Myrrh which is intensely fragrant and has helped work many, many miracles throughout the world.



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Arcadia, Greece
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Founded: 717 AD
Category: Religious sites in Greece

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Ari Kon (9 months ago)
Went there today with my wife, what a blessing we happened when there was liturgy and we were prepared for communion
Evan Kards (11 months ago)
A beautiful monastery with a long tradition dating back to Athonite monks who established the monastery. It is functional, with nuns living at the monastery.
manos psathas (2 years ago)
In the area of Agios Petros Kynourias on the slopes of Mount Parnonas, overgrown with cedars, is the historic Malevi Monastery, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The name "Malevi" is related to the highest peak of Parnonas, Malevos, where the monastery was originally built. According to tradition, the monastery was founded at the beginning of the 8th century, at the highest point of the mountain, at the location Kanalous.The modern monastery complex is protected by a precinct formed by the newly built or renovated buildings. Approximately in the center of the site is the ledger. In the monastery there is also a chapel dedicated to Saint Nile. Thousands of pilgrims visit it every year where with their contribution the Monastery has the current image we see. Visiting hours and days: Friday 10AM–4PM Saturday 10AM–4PM Sunday 7AM–4PM
Michalis Pittalis (2 years ago)
Its a monastery dedicated to Panagia (holy virgin Mary) with an icon of Panagia that miraculous produces mir. Very known place in Greece.
Soya Athens-Kyoto (2 years ago)
Beautiful place and quiet! You should check before going if they are open. When we arrived , everything was closed, on Sunday!
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