Gerdauen Castle Ruins

Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia

The earth and timber stronghold Gerdauen was constructed by the Teutonic Knights in 1270. After a subsequent Prussian uprising, the Knights were too weak to keep hold of all their fortresses. Gerdauen was burnt down, but once the Prussian uprising was put down, the Teutonic Knights returned here and began to raise new fortifications. By 1310, a new stronghold had been completed. At that time it was guarded by embankments, moats and shelters. Inside the ring of fortifications, stone and brick buildings for a convent of Teutonic brothers were constructed.

Initially the Knights planned that Gerdauen would become a seat of a commander, known as komtur. But this idea was soon relinquished because of the proximity to the Lithuanian lands and frequent attacks staged by Lithuanian troops. Gerdauen for example was attacked in 1336, 1337 and in 1366.

Although in 1406 Gerdauen Castle was surrounded by a ring of fortified walls less than half a century later, in 1455, which was during the Thirteen Years' War, the fortress was severely damaged. In 1670 it stood empty. Soon afterwards it was sold to a private owner. All that had remained of the original buildings were the cellars.

In 1872 a new beautiful palace was raised on this location. Gerdauen flourished until 1814, that is until the outbreak of World War One. In that year, the town was a witness and a victim of a bloody fight with the Russian army. Gerdauen was not rebuilt until 1921.



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Founded: 1270
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Russia


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Мария Калинко (11 months ago)
Ruined and mothballed castle. In August 2023, the Gerdauen Feast festival began. They promise to make the holiday an annual event.
Rambo John (3 years ago)
It’s not worth going to see the “castle” specially)) But if you are passing by, then you can go up and look for 5 minutes. Remains of ancient walls, an old manor... You can leave your car down on the side of the road. Pay attention to the video, and you will understand what to watch there ...
позитив негативный (4 years ago)
Gerdauen Castle (Zheleznodorozhny town). The castle was founded by commander Johannes von Winnungen. The construction was supervised by the Königsberg commander Heinrich von Isenber Since 1678, no one has lived in the castle. In the 19th century, it was sold to Baron von Romberg, whose son demolished the old buildings and built an estate, which inherited only the cellars from the castle. Afterwards the castle was sold to Alfred von Jansen, who lived in it until 1945.
Ivan Kurilov (4 years ago)
A very cool place, there is a building and a mill below, now there is a cafe, and on the other side there is a garden and a bridge over the stream, and on the top there is a wall with a gate and buildings, very beautiful and fabulous!
Henry Green (5 years ago)
Если вы по дороге из Правдинска в Знаменск (или наоборот) проедете через Железнодорожный - загляните в замок Гераун и не разачаруетесь. Прямо в замковый двор через ворота проходит живописная дорога. Внутри руины замка смотрятся внушительно, особенно зимой или поздней осенью, когда листва вековых деревьев не мешает обзору и можно рассмотреть всю округу: кирху Гердауэн на холме, здание старой мельницы рядом с остатками замковых стен и озеро внизу. Замок сильно разрушен, собственно, сейчас в хорошем состояние только ворота и часть стены, но получить впечатление это не мешает.
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