Blomsholm Stone Ship

Blomsholm, Sweden

Blomsholm stone ship is one of the oldest in Sweden, more than 40 metres long with 49 stones. The bow and stern are about 4 metres high and dates from the early Scandinavian Iron Age (c. 400 - 600 AD). The size and prominent position of the grave shows that an important person must be buried here. There are also several other large megaliths in the area; Another stone circle and menhirs (Neolithic age) stand in the wood near the viking-ship shaped stone circle.



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1055, Blomsholm, Sweden
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Founded: 400 - 600 AD
Category: Cemeteries, mausoleums and burial places in Sweden
Historical period: Migration Period (Sweden)


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User Reviews

Pete Colman (5 years ago)
Great find in the countryside with an aire
richard albert (5 years ago)
First of all, this is an ancient monument and not a 'museum '. It is quite recent by megalithic standards, being variously dated to around the 6th century AD. As a consequence, the menhirs are in good, although not pristine condition. The grounds are well kept. It also presents itself pretty much unchanged from its original construction, unlike Neolithic monuments in Britain and in Europe in general which are far older and have experienced a great amount of evolution and turmoil. Well worth a stop, even if stone circles, quoits and henges are not among one's primary interests.
Fred Mathys (5 years ago)
Nice walk in the nature with historical monuments to see
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