Vauban Tower

Tatihou, France

In 1692 the naval Battle of La Hougue took place between the English and the French close to the island of Tatihou. The so-called Vauban Tower (Tour Vauban de Tatihou) was built in 1694. In 1756 the surroundings of La Hougue were defended by many batteries and forts, but the lack of regular maintenance ensured that these quickly fell into disrepair. In 1720 Tatihou was used for quarantining plague victims from Marseilles.

Vauban Tower is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Vauban Fortifications around the France.



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Tatihou, France
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Founded: 1694
Category: Castles and fortifications in France

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User Reviews

Mattéo Batsleer (9 months ago)
A very pleasant visit in a natural setting. The boat ride is quick but pleasant to arrive on the island. Once on the island, we are free to wander around as we wish with signs containing all the information on the island. Nice beach to relax while waiting for the return boat and soak your feet
Amandine Breard (10 months ago)
The Tatihou crossings are really good to do. (Approximately 25/30 min) If you cross on foot, you must bring shorts and shoes to go into the water. Otherwise there are boats leaving from the port. There is a reasonably priced restaurant on site as well as a hotel. The island's botanical garden is also very beautiful. The island tower is accessible for a visit until 5:30 p.m.
Océane N (10 months ago)
This experience was truly magnificent. We loved it, we were 5 adults and we were all amazed by this magnificent island! The museum is nice, the restaurant is really great, very professional staff and it's delicious. The whole island is really pretty! We recommend.
Maite Debris (11 months ago)
Gorgeous... Very beautiful place, quiet with sheep and birds. The explanations upon arrival on Sonyt Island are very important and interesting because it is a protected site. The remains and the tower are very interesting to see, the view at the top of the tower is magnificent. Very relaxing, very pleasant... The amphibious boat bus to get there is really nice: we did it at low tide on the way out, driving on the sand to the island and on the return at high tide in the boat version to the port of Saint vaast. The garden is magnificent, very very pleasant for walking, refreshing and calm... The museum is interesting, with the boathouse and the history of the boat Saint Thérèse to remember. In the top...
Isabelle Lecuyer (2 years ago)
To see for nature lovers very beautiful landscapes ?
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