St. Francis Xavier Cathedral

Hrodna, Belarus

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Hrodna (Grodno). The construction of the church started in 1687. The completed building was consecrated in 1705 to St. Francis Xavier. The monastery was dissolved in 1773 and the church became a parish one. In 1990 it was granted the title of Minor basilica. Originally a Jesuit church, it became a cathedral in 1991, when the new diocese of Grodno was erected.



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Founded: 1687-1705
Category: Religious sites in Belarus

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4.9/5 (based on Google user reviews)

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Vadim Leo (3 years ago)
A beautiful old working church. Not always open. Intermittent work mode. Just like a tourist attraction, it is not very comfortable to visit. Since, inside, people pray on their knees. Therefore, it is not very comfortable to walk and look. Beggars also walked around the church.
Mutasim Hammad (Asoom) (3 years ago)
Amazing from the inside
Sergey Kravchuk (3 years ago)
Друзья, это однозначно пятерка. Древний храм, малая базилика. Их в Беларуси всего 3. Все пропитано историей. Атмосфера просто УХ... Лепнина и фрески просто на высоте. И никто тебя не дергает, не мешает. Все демократично . Все описано, в каком году сделано, вся история. Наша история. В общем обязательно к посещению даже атеистам и православным, да просто всем.
Валерий Муляревич (3 years ago)
This is the best church in Grodno. I don't know why, but there is some kind of relaxation and tranquility while visiting this church.
Нина Хомич (3 years ago)
The main cathedral of Grodno. The inside is much more beautiful than the outside. It amazes with its magnificence and solemnity. The cathedral is active, so tourists are encouraged to observe silence when visiting. Also, tourists are encouraged not to enter the territory where parishioners pray.
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