Kildonan Church Ruins

Eigg, United Kingdom

The monastery at Kildonan was founded by a missionary St. Donnan, possibly from either Dal Riata or an Irish Kingdom. He and his monks were massacred in 617 by the local Pictish queen. In medieval times the island was held by Clan Donald. The church which currently houses the alleged sheela sculpture is thought to be a 16th century construction but there is evidence of earlier religious settlement in four cross slabs which date from the early medieval period. Records also list a religous settlement here in 725 so it would seem that the monastery continued after St Donan’s death.



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Eigg, United Kingdom
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Founded: 7th century AD
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in United Kingdom


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STEVE MCMAHON (2 years ago)
beautiful place.
Andrew Goodwin (4 years ago)
Best place to stay on Eigg
Gemma Nelson (4 years ago)
Marius Chisbac (4 years ago)
Nice and confortable place. Nice staff, good wifi.
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