Ny Castle

Ny, Belgium

Most of the Ny Castle Farm quadrangular building made of limestone was erected in the second half of the 17th century. Originally, it was protected by a moat. At the center of the wing facing the village, the courtward can be accessed by the original gated doorway, protected by a three story tower. As this farm, still active, is a private property, be shure to plan your visit during the yearly medieval tournament, reenacted by knights and dancers.



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Rue de Longchamps, Ny, Belgium
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Founded: 17th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Belgium

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User Reviews

Sabrina Waters (17 months ago)
Beautiful, Iconic, historical structure but hard to get through if it’s crowded. I’ve always wanted to visit the Castle since seeing it in a few movies. It is a beautiful place and it sits high on a hill in the middle of Central Park. Although you do get fabulous views at the top of the castle, there isn’t a lot of room to enjoy pretending to be a Disney character. It is fun to climb up by way of the spiral staircase inside. However, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t really care for tight spaces, you might want to skip the tower. It’s a one way-one person at a time passage.
Lucia Resendes (2 years ago)
Nice views of Central Park & you can usually catch local musicians here. Plus it’s free! The winding staircase is narrow, so caution with young kids and mobility issues. Pretty views for any visit to the park.
J (2 years ago)
Very cool historical site! It's a small castle, but not underwhelming at all. Many opportunities to take beautiful pictures. Right on the middle of Central Park, close by to one of the many lakes, partially surrounded by bushes and trees giving you somewhat a sense of privacy. Beautiful place within an already beautiful place! I would recommend anyone to visit at least once.
Meng Lu (2 years ago)
Belvedere Castle is a great viewing castle ?, you can enjoy beautiful scenery and city scenery when you climb to the top. Especially standing on the castle ? to enjoy this pool of clear water and blue sky, it is really exciting! This is Central Park worth a visit!
Eric Vasallo (2 years ago)
Sweet little hidden castle. Not many people know it’s there. Overlooks a big pond and concert stage. Multiple viewing levels on 3 different floors. Super charming. Great for kids.
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