Basilica of Our Lady

Tongeren, Belgium

The Gothic tower of the Basilica of Our Lady dominates over the town of Tongeren and the surrounding area. It was built in Gothic style in the 13th century and recent excavations have produced some of the richest archaeological finds in Flanders. Archaeological excavations have proven the presence of an edifice here starting from the 4th century, while a Carolingian prayer house existed here in the 9th century. The building of the choir of the present basilica began in 1240. Nave, transepts and side chapels were added between the 13th and 15th century. The original Romanesque tower was replaced by the present, 64 m-tall Gothic tower from 1442 until 1541. The basilica's interior is home to the statue of Our Lady of Tongeren, erected in 1475. The treasury is housed in the former hall of the Chapter and comprises one of the richest collections of religious art in Belgium.

The interior is full of art treasures, of which the most famous one is without a doubt the walnut statue of Our Lady of Tongeren Cause of Our Joy, which dates from approximately 1479. The Romanesque cloister of the 12th century can be considered as a rare evidence of the Romanesque architecture in Belgium.



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Founded: 1240
Category: Religious sites in Belgium

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KC Mitch (2 years ago)
Beautiful, holy and unbelievable are just a few words to try to describe this work of art. Every time we come to Tongeren we are amazed with the church. Words don’t do this amazing structure justice. You can feel the presence of God here. We sat and enjoyed the time we were in side the church. How large but peaceful it makes you feel. It’s extremely clean and the people are friendly. We will be back and thank you for the wonderful experience.
Bart Eekhaut (2 years ago)
As you approach the city of Tongres the tower of the basilica seems to be the end stage of many roads. Couldn't visit the interior unfortunately.
Mitr Friend (2 years ago)
Tongeren's UNESCO Belfry belongs to its Basilica - Basilica of Our Lady. The treasury and the archaeological excavations of the Basilica can be accessed through Teseum.
Arputhalilly Antony (3 years ago)
All the relics in one place. It's really great. Worth seeing
Miika Leppälä (3 years ago)
As all of the displays of grandeur by the Catholic church this basilica was magnificent, well worth a visit for us heretics too.
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