Verdun Memorial

Douaumont, France

The Verdun Memorial is a war memorial to commemorate the Battle of Verdun, fought in 1916 as part of the First World War. It is situated on the battlefield, close to the destroyed village of Fleury-devant-Douaumont.

It was built during the 1960s, financed by Maurice Genevoix and has been open to the public since September 17, 1967. It remembers both French and German combatants as well as the civilian populations lost during the Battle of Verdun. Furthermore, it is a military museum which displays French and German armaments (including rifles, machine guns and field artillery), military vehicles, uniforms and equipment of both French and German troops during the battle. Over time it has become more of an educational museum than a commemorative monument in an effort to keep younger generations aware of their communal heritage. It also contains a movie theater projecting relevant period films on the battle, a research facility, a library, and a bookstore.



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Founded: 1967
Category: Statues in France

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4.7/5 (based on Google user reviews)

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Sören Ücker (2 months ago)
Amazing memorial on the battlefields of Verdun. The museum is a must visit. Interesting materials, pictures and stories are waiting inside
Urh Sobocan (4 months ago)
A great museum, I loved the overview presentation with the projection over terrain relief at the beginning, it's a great introduction giving context to the battle. A superb mixture of items, testimonies and art all belonging to people who witnessed the horrors.
Nico Rascona (4 months ago)
It has always been a goal of mine to visit here to pay my respects to those who lost their lives. The museum does a great job displaying history from both the French and German side. A must visit for any WWI or history enthusiast.
Shannon Carr (4 months ago)
Fabulous museum. Information is available in English as well as French and German and is presented visually, auditorially and tactilely. I learned so much about how important the Battle of Verdun was to the French with 75% of the WWI French soldiers participating. The beginning of avaition warfare which occurred in Verdun is explained. The destruction of the constant shelling can still be seen in the landscape. Do visit the Forts of Douaumont and Vaux and the remnants of the destroyed town of Fleury. More than 100 years later the scars of war are highly visible. Go spend the day!
Alexandre Lyons (7 months ago)
The original museum was great, so when it was re done I was very worried. However there was no need. The new museum is excellent and well explained and with many individual soldiers contributions, with the likes of Charles Delvert as pictured. The only downside is where have the LiDAR maps gone of the Verdun battlefield?
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