National Historical Museum

Stockholm, Sweden

The National Historical Museum (Historiska muséet) covers Swedish cultural history and art from the Stone Age to the 16th century. The museum is known for its so called "Gold Room" (Guldrummet) by the architect Leif Blomberg, where a large number of gold objects are kept as part of the exhibition. The museum hosts also the largest Viking exhibition, with more than 4,000 original artifacts.



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Founded: 1866
Category: Museums in Sweden
Historical period: Union with Norway and Modernization (Sweden)


4.4/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Péter Marschall (13 months ago)
Overall a solid experience for no entry fee. ? I visited on a Wednesday when the entry is free for all the visitors. I really enjoyed prehistoric and Viking era parts of the exhibition it really showcased how an interactive and immersive exhibition should be done with all kinds of interactive tables, interactive map for learning about Norse mythology and rooms towards the end of this level which pose questions that challenge your imagination and make you question your life. The rest of the exhibition was just a quick summary of the rest of Swedish history which was a lot better demonstrated in the Army Museum in my opinion.
Troy Chiasson (2 years ago)
Although my wife and I were only able to make it through the Vikings exhibit, it was quite the experience. The free admission (like most museums in the area) was free - believing that people from all demographics should be able to learn about their past. The layout was very well done and the computer screens beside most exhibits allowed you to zoom in to amazing detail. You could spend days looking at items. It was easy to see that this option was VERY popular. The lighting and sounds in the Viking exhibit, including the gold room, really added to the experience. This was one of our favorite stops during our stay in Stockholm. Thank you very much for the walk through Viking history.
Susan Gallienne (2 years ago)
Brilliant! The exhibits are quite interesting and show so much of the Viking heritage. The gold "vault" area was incredible. A must see!
Juljan Desmet (2 years ago)
This is a free museum. We were blown away by it to be honest. It's really well thought out. Very modern design and also fun with kids. The Viking history was amazing, but also the other parts were worth a visit. There is even a gold room with lots of gold and silver antiquities. There are free lockers to leave your jackets and bags!
Nick W (2 years ago)
Excellent museum charting the history of Sweden! I’ve learnt a lot from an historical context!! Lots of displays so if you like spending time on reading, do allocate a couple of hours. I only spent an hour only due to time constraints.
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