Beška is a Serbian Orthodox monastery on Beška island on Skadar Lake. It has two churches within its complex, the Church of St. George and the St Mary's Church.

The Church of St. George was built at the end of the 14th century by Đurađ II Balšić the Lord of Zeta from 1385 to 1403. His widow Jelena Balšić reconstructed it before she built St Mary's Church.

The St Mary's Church was built in 1439/1440 as the legacy of Jelena Balšić which is also confirmed by the inscription on the monastery. Jelena died in Beška monastery and was buried in the St Mary's Church.

The sacred bones of Jelena Balšić were placed in new relic case made of stone after the Church of Holy Mother she built on Beška island was reconstructed in 2002.



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Lake Skadar, Montenegro
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Founded: 1385-1440
Category: Religious sites in Montenegro

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Dusan Zekovic (2 years ago)
otok z samostanom je pojem za mir, ljubezen in sožitje. nune ki živijo na otoku so ene od najbolj prijaznih in odprtih ljudi ki sem jih srečal na potovanjih. Naključne obiskovalce sprejmejo z odprtimi rokami in pokažejo svoje skromno a lepo naselje ter obe pravoslavne lepe cerkve ki pa so kljub majhnosti bogate z freskami in ikonami. nune živijo v sožitju z naravo. narava in vera jim daje osnove za skromno življenje. kratek čas ki ga lahko prezivis ob obisku otoka te napolni z pozitivno energijo. dostop do otoka je možen le z najemom čolna najbolj enostavno iz naselja Murici. dostop do naselja je po neurejeni adrenalinski cesti iz Virpazarja.
Teodora Marjanovic (2 years ago)
Raj na zemlji
Arkadiusz Brylski (3 years ago)
Urocze miejsce
Stamenko Mijatovic (4 years ago)
Radovan Zaric (4 years ago)
Beška is a peaceful place, a place from fairy tale. Nuns living on the island, and they are deserving for today's look of the place. The island can be reached with a boat. Nearest place is Murići. Island Beska has two churches, the older dedicated to St. George and the younger, St. Mother of God. Founder of larger church was Đurđe II Stracimirović-Balšić 9at the end of the fourteenth century. Smaller church dedicated to the Virgin Mary was lifted like mausoleum for Jelena Balšić , the daughter of King Lazar, the wife of Djurdja II Stracimirović-Balšića 1440. The church houses the tomb of Jelena Balšić. In the monastery's scriptorium was created in 1439-40. famous Hexaemeron from old man Nikon of Jerusalem 1441-42. Gorički codex.
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