St. Romedio Sanctuary

San Zeno, Italy

The Saint Romedio sanctuary is the most interesting example of medieval Christian art in the Trentino region. The famous pilgrimage place is built on a 70-metre high calcareous rock.This architectonic building is surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape and it is composed of several churches and chapels directly on the rock. The whole structure is connected by a steep stairway with 131 steps.

The oldest chapel of the building dates back to the 11th century and over the centuries other three little churches and other two chapels have been built, and also seven Passion’s aedicules.

This suggestive and spiritual location is dedicated to the hermit Romedio from Thaur. When the hermit died, his believers dug his tomb in the rock and this cult is still alive nowadays.

On 15th January we celebrate the Saint Romedio’s day with a mass in the sanctuary and eating the typical dish of the pilgrim. Every year 200.000 pilgrims come to visit the sanctuary and two Franciscan monks take care of it.

The walk in the rocks from Sanzeno to the sanctuary is a must-see. During summer (approx. from the end of July to the middle of September) a shuttle service is offered from the parking al Mulino to the parking at the sanctuary S. Romedio.



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Unnamed Road, San Zeno, Italy
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Founded: 11th century
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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User Reviews

Michelle Branco (2 years ago)
We hiked here from San Zeno along the path carved out of the mountainside (watch your head!). There are some short climbs, but it’s doable in less than an hour each way and the vistas over the valley are beautiful. There are some spots where you do need to pay attention, but it’s fairly well marked. While you’ll see fully kitted out hikers, there are also plenty of families and elderly people just taking a walk with regular clothes and shoes. The sanctuary is very peaceful and their resident bear even came out to greet us.
Angie Maliali (3 years ago)
Beautiful nature to see, impressive architecture. The sanctuary it self, as to be expected, pretty austere. Didn't enjoy seeing the caged bear doing circles cause its clearly depressed.
Natalia Danilovich (5 years ago)
This sanctuary is built on the top of the 70m high rock. The surrounding mountains and forests create a very beautiful scenery. There are several churches and chapels in the sanctuary, the oldest was built in the 11th century. The entrance is free, there’s a cafe and a souvenir shop. You can take a walk from Sanzeno to the sanctuary and then continue the hike to Coredo and Tavon lakes and nearby towns.
Eddie Strickler (5 years ago)
What a beautiful sanctuary set in the mountains!worth spending some time here!
Danilo Capovilla (6 years ago)
"Reach out your hand and touch the face of God..."
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