Trauttmansdorff Castle and Gardens

Meran, Italy

The origins of Trauttmansdorff Castle go all the way back to the Middle Ages. The structure was first documented in 1300 as Neuberg Castle. The medieval walls are still visible on the southwest side, and the crypt dates from that period. The fresco room has also been preserved from the Renaissance period.

In the mid-19th century, Count Joseph von Trauttmansdorff bought the dilapidated building and renovated it using neo-Gothic elements. Trauttmansdorff Castle is thus Tyrol’s earliest example of a neo-Gothic castle. The next owner, Baron Friedrich von Deuster raised the east wing of the castle one level by adding the grand Rococo Hall in 1899, significantly altering the shape of the castle. The castle, which had been neglected after the world wars, was renovated again between 2000 and 2003: the siding, chapel, crypt, Rococo Hall, and Empress Elisabeth’s second floor living quarters have all been restored to their former splendor.

The gardens were initially laid out circa 1850 by Count Trauttmansdorff during the castle's restoration. Empress Elisabeth of Austria was a frequent visitor to Meran and the gardens. A bronze bust in her memory was placed in the gardens after her assassination in Geneva in 1898.



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Founded: 1899
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

Monique Rebeiro (7 months ago)
My goodness! An absolutely fabulous, botanical experience! A beautifully crafted and well planned spectacle of botanical pleasure. A treat for the entire family. Plan to spend an entire day to slowly soak in every inch of this well thought out master piece.
Marcel Korevaar (8 months ago)
We were the 8.000.000 visiters and we received a very warm welcome. Private tour guide, lunch and book were all surprising and unbelievably well organised... many thanks ❤️❤️❤️
David naftalis (9 months ago)
Great experience. Lovely gardens with flowers and trees from all over the world. Also, birds and some goats... Great views over the valley and the surrounding mountains.
Michael Blok (9 months ago)
One of the most beautiful places on Earth imho. The gardens are immense and so full of plants and trees and flowers that the traditional botanical gardens of N Europe (Kew, Leiden) pale in comparison. The main exhibit is the nymph pond, a natural amphitheater full of greenery and with a concert island in the middle. Summer evenings there are magical. What makes the park even better is the views around Meran and to the mountains around the city. Access is not easy for people who don't walk or climb well. You can borrow an electric wheelchair but you need to book that ahead. Parking is very limited for handicapped people too. This place truly merits a voyage, and at least 3-4 hrs of your time. You can eat well and affordably here too.
Marc Van den Broeck (9 months ago)
Wonderful experience. Well maintained and one of the most beautiful gardens. A must for the landscape lovers amongst us. Easy to access thanks to the huge parking area and interesting souvenirs shop and cafetaria.
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