Vezio Castle

Varenna, Italy

Castello di Vezio is a castle located nearby Varenna and Perledo. Characterized in the main tower by square merlons, similar to Cly Castle in Aosta Valley, it commands the Lake Como. It was once connected by walls to the village of Varenna below.

The castle was built in the late 11th-early 12th century and was restored several times in the following centuries. In the late 19th century and in 1956 remains of tombs from the Iron Age, as well as weapons and armors were found in the area.

The Castle also had dungeons built during the First World War, as part of the so-called linea Cadorna. It currently houses gardens and a group of birds of prey, raised by a local falconer.

It became open to the public in 1999. The tower houses a permanent exhibition dedicated to Lariosaurus, an extinct sea reptile from the Middle Triassic period, which takes its name from the lake after its discover in Perledo in 1830.



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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy

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Aneliya Mitova (6 months ago)
If you travel by train, the castle is far from the station. In the off season there are not many visitors, there was a working restaurant nearby. The place is beautiful with amazing views, worth a visit.
Lita Litukas (6 months ago)
Most beautiful place in Varenna ? Entrance tickets for adults 5€. Be ready to climb! from car parking ~15 min., from town ~40 min. if it’s rainy day the way until up will be very slippery, so I recommend to take comfortable better climbing shoes with yourself. On the top you will find small cafeteria where you can eat and drink, also at the same place you can buy tickets and souvenirs.
Mikołaj Pilarski (7 months ago)
A really interesting castle to visit. Entry is 5€ but there is a lot to see for such a relatively small place. A short hike with a small waterfall leads to the top of the hill. There is a selection of weapons and armors to look at and there is an underground prison that might scare some people. The views of Como lake are great and you can ascend the tower to enjoy them even more.
Patrick Riley (7 months ago)
Super cool castle with a neat history and program. It's a hike to get to and there's not a ton to see and read but the grounds they do have are super well kept, the history in multiple languages and a really sweet Owl. Take the steps to the top of the castle tower and checkout the prison below.
Aria Bak (9 months ago)
What a beautiful castle. The walk wasn't bad, my mother inlaw of 65 came with us. I loved the view from the above. The tour of the castle was my favorite, also they have a prison at the bottom which I found interesting. You can get your ticket at the entrance for €5 per person and it was worth it. We went on a Saturday, and it wasn't busy, plus we got lucky with the weather, it was cloudy.
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