Toblino Castle

Calavino, Italy

Toblino is one of the most famous castles in Trentino. It owes its fame to a unique location and the beautiful environment that surrounds it, but also to the many dark legends that found a fertile ground to originate and grow in that park and among those walls. The structure is built on a small peninsula of Lake Toblino.

Since the 1100s the castle was owned by the vassals of Prince Bishop of Trento, but has changed hands several times. In 1848 it was besieged by the volunteer corps of Lombardian army.

The present appearance of Toblino castle, that is now an elegant restaurant, is the result of a reconstruction ordered by Bernardo Cles in the 16th century.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy


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User Reviews

Joachim M (4 months ago)
We went for a lunch because the place has a Michelin recommendation and the location looked lovely. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed by the quality, or total lack of, the food. We had two different starters and two different pasta dishes. One starter was a huge lumb of semi-raw meat of questionable quality. We had only one bite and left the rest. The other starter was some kind of weird raw fish roll - absolutely terribly. The one pasta dish had a cream of zucchini cream and the best thing we could say about it, is that it tasted basically of nothing at all. That was unfortunately not true for the gnochis which came in a mixture of a soapy tasting pesto and very fat bacon. We had again only two spoons and left the restaurant. Although we barely touched any of the four dishes, no apologies or offering from the restaurant to reduce the invoice. A truly terribly experience and by far the worst food we had in our two weeks in Italy. Stay away! P.S.: It appears that this restaurant has a lot of five star and also a lot of one star reviews. Maybe the chef has changed or there are different chefs involved. I can only judge my experience of that day, perhaps the quality is different on other days.
Lucas Kooijman (15 months ago)
Excellent food in wonderful location
Zack Izham (15 months ago)
Lovely place for lunch and probably dinner, great friendly staff
Lars Benzeriane (19 months ago)
Nice vy, food ess great
Guy Monson (2 years ago)
What a find. Imagine the pressure of producing food and wine to match the setting of this postcard perfect castle situated next to a lake and surrounded by mountains. The good news is that Castel Toblino pulls off this feat effortlessly. Our waiter did a great job of choosing local wines to accompany our food too.
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