The development of Stolberg Castle in its present appearance was essentially proceeded in three phases. In the second half of the 13th century, the original castle (built by the lords of Stalburg in the 12th century) was rebuilt by Wilhelm I of Nesselrode and his son Wilhelm II. After damaged during the Guelders Wars (1502-1543), Hieronymus von Efferen renovated the Stolberg after 1542. A third construction phase was made after 1888 by the manufacturer Moritz Kraus. 

Stolberg castle has an late medieval complex on the highest level, with the former guard tower, Palas, two towers, the Renaissance court hall as well as the upper gate, the western tower and the remains of the curtain wall. The second part includes additions of the 19th and 20th centuries, which were built on the second to fourth floors.

Today, Stolberg Castle hosts cultural events and clubs. In the cellar there is a restaurant and a home and crafts museum.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Habsburg Dynasty (Germany)

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Leonardo Held (2 years ago)
The Älterstadt, old town, is pretty nice. The castle doesn't seem to have much inside of it besides the restaurant. It's a chill, beautiful place anyway and I highly recommend it. You won't take more than 20min exploring, though.
Chris Loder (2 years ago)
Cool enough, pity it's closed at the moment though and was a bit of a tip around the place, lots of old seating and things left around looking a bit tatty. Was nice to see it but unless you really want to see it up close I wouldn't bother. The Altstadt was nice and close but I'd say go to the Altstadt and see the castle from there. If you want to go to it, approach it from that side as the other side can be a bit tricky at times with steps.
Daria Glazneva (2 years ago)
Beautiful old center. It is quite small, you can quickly get around on foot. There is also a restaurant in the castle building. We ate well there.
Eddy Khoo (2 years ago)
I would rate it a 3.5*. If you have a car, driving there is easy. There is a small car park beside the castle. However, it is advisable to park away then walk if visiting during early part of the day. Not sure about public transport from Aachen. The castle interior is under renovation but the exterior still offers visitors a walk around and a good view. Not a huge castle. There is an outdoor cafe and a restaurant. There is a museum and also a small chapel at the back of the castle. Entrance to the castle is free. However, be mindful of the operating hours.
Vishwanath Diraviam (3 years ago)
Truly a hidden gem. This is a absolutely beautiful castles that is not getting great attention. There were hardly any people at the time I visited. Definitely recommend to visitors if you are nearby. Since the city of Stolberg was affected by floods, there isn't frequent buses and there are very less eating options in the city.
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