San Idelfonso Church

Toledo, Spain

The Iglesia de San Idelfonso is a Baroque style church located in the center of the historic city of Toledo. Its construction took more than 100 years. Work began in 1629 on lands acquired by the Jesuits of Toledo in 1569. It was the birthplace of Saint Ildefonsus.

Its approach followed the example of the Jesuit churches of Palencia and Alcalá de Henares and that of the Church of the Gesù, in Rome. It is the main church of the Company of Jesus. This trace has been attributed to Jan Bautista Monegro, at that time the master of the Cathedral. Jesuit architect Pedro Sánchez, a Jesuit brother, was in charge of the construction of the temple. Sánchez died in 1633 and was replaced by another companion of his order, Francisco Bautista, who built the facade and reredos in Baroque style. In 1669, Bautista left his place to Bartolomé Zumbigo, native architect of Toledo, who finished the towers and the facade.

San Idelfonso was consecrated in 1718, although the sacristy, the main chapel and the octave, which contains the reliquary were incomplete. In 1765, the temple was finally completed under the direction of Jose Hernandez Sierra, architect of Salamanca. Unfortunately for the order of the Jesuits, only two years after the expulsion from Spain by order of king Charles III of Spain under the charge of instigating the Esquilache Riots, which had taken place in 1766.



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Founded: 1629-1718
Category: Religious sites in Spain

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Artur Victoria (10 months ago)
The interior of the church, with the main nave shaped like a Latin cross, is spacious and white. In this nave, the high dome stands out over the transept. In the transept there are two large baroque altarpieces. On either side of the main nave, there are separate rows of four smaller chapels each, lavishly decorated in Baroque and Rococo styles.
Dan Maarek (11 months ago)
It is absolutely stunning, especially if like us, you climb the tower at sunset at the very end of the opening hours and see all Toledo from above. Just look at the pictures. Try to purchase the Pulsera de Toledo pass, as the entrance fees are included in this pass.
Madara Virsniece (11 months ago)
Beautiful view from the tower. The church itself have simple interior with breathtaking drawings and altar piece.
alex bonick (12 months ago)
Don't miss this cathedral! Not all cathedrals are the same, or served the same purpose. So the art and architecture vary, even just down the street or around the corner. Some may even prefer this to the overwhelming Catedral Primada. There's a lot to see here if you take your time.
Lee Gordon (14 months ago)
I did not have it on my list of must see things before coming to Toledo, but now I can say it should be on everyone's list. Impressive interior, impressive exterior, but it's a must to climb to the top observation deck for the amazing views of the city. Great pics to be had.
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