Baelo Claudia

Tarifa, Spain

Baelo Claudia is a well preserved Roman city in Andalucia, Spain, founded in the 2nd century BC. The town was important for fish processing. It was also a centre for trade with Roman towns in North Africa.

The life of the inhabitants reached its greatest splendor during the 1st century BC and the 2nd century AD. In the middle of the 2nd century, however, the town declined, probably as a result of a major earthquake which wiped out a large part. In addition to such natural disasters, by the 3rd century, the town was beset by hordes of pirates, both Germanic and Barbary. Although it experienced a slight renaissance later in the century, by the 6th century, the town had been abandoned.

Excavations have revealed the most comprehensive remains of a Roman town in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, with extremely interesting monuments such as the basilica, theatre, market, and the temple of Isis. Today you can visit the museum, walk around the remains, and admire the scenic location.


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Founded: Roman
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User Reviews

Gary Hardinges (4 months ago)
Excellent place to visit with good access all round with boardwalks and a lift in the main museum. Free entry to European nationals! QR codes everywhere with detailed stainless steel plaques in Spanish and English giving details of the occupation of the site. Fabulous views from the roman theater over the site. Some of the interactive equipment was not working.
Patrick Brazil (4 months ago)
Fantastic stop on our way to Gibralter. Exceeded our expectations and well worth the visit. We could have stayed much longer. BTW, I added a little AI water to the scene. :)
Mike Marks (7 months ago)
Very interesting couple of hours spent here. Dogs not allowed. Most wording is in English and Spanish with QR codes to assist. FREE to EU nationals. Luckily the guy asked if I was German at the counter!
paul blackburn (8 months ago)
Great experience seeing this ancient Roman village but also excellent reception and facilities. Even better that it’s all free of charge! We had to park up our Motorhome across 3 parking spaces but it wasn’t busy at the time. My only disappointment was that dogs are not allowed, so had to leave our small but we’ll behaved dog in the Motorhome. We would not have been able to do this in a car and in the hotter months. Recommended for a visit ?
Vania David (12 months ago)
Free entrance! This place is worth a visit! There’s a small museum at the entrance and then there’s a recommended route through the Roman city where you can see the aqueduct, the thermal baths, the theater, temples, etc. My 7y old son really enjoyed to see the ruins and know more about the Romans history.
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