Magaña Castle

Magaña, Spain

The castle of Magaña is considered to be one of the most important castles from the 15th century in the province of Soria. This castle is in better condition than what we are used to seeing in the area and the best way to contemplate its majestic silhouette is from the road on the way towards Fuentes de Magaña or from the highest parts of the town. You will be able to see all the plants that have reclaimed its walls contrasting with the ochre tones of the landscape where the tall keep sticks out from its hiding place in the middle of the castle’s courtyard.

It is located on a steep hill near the town and it dominates the valley of the Alhama River over which a medieval bridge crosses. On the hillside, there is a chapel with a rectangular apse which some authors believe to be pre-Romanesque.

The castle is built of stone and is organised into two walled enclosures around the 9th or 11th-century Berber keep, much older than the rest of the ensemble and belonging to a group of Berber towers that were erected all throughout the valley of the Rituerto River, such as the Masegoso, Trévago, Noviercas, Castellanos, La Pica or Aldealpozo towers. This tower still maintains the original battlement hexes and some windows framed with ashlar stonework.

The inner enclosure has very tall walls and has a quadrangular floor plan with the keep at one of its corners and cube-shaped structures on the other two. The outer one is much lower and its floor plan is quite irregular with seven cube-shaped structures scattered throughout the hill’s perimeter.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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Daniel FUENTE (2 years ago)
Beautiful castle that is in ruin.
Laura Celeiro (2 years ago)
A beautiful and bucolic place. Even without coverage, despite the supposed connection, via satellite. Wonderful.
Chusmi (2 years ago)
Let's see if they give him a good facelift and they will leave him impressive. It is under construction, with excavations. But from the outside it is beautiful.
edgar gomez (2 years ago)
Nice 15th century castle. Aesthetically it is beautiful, although inside there is little to see. When we went there were some workers doing renovations and they allowed us access to see the inside. For the most daring, you can climb to the hole in the tower.
Alvaro RT (2 years ago)
The Castle of Magaña is a very beautiful place from which you can learn. Even though it is in ruins, its parts are perfectly visible, the outer wall with its towers and the inner wall with its parade ground and keep. Archaeologists appear to be working inside. Hopefully one day it will be possible to access the tower (now the entrance is open but it is at a great height, typical of defensive constructions of the time) It is open to the public, with free admission
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