Íscar Castle

Íscar, Spain

The first written mention of Íscar was in the year 939 AD in Muslim chronicles. The remaining Christians reconquered Iscar in 1086 AD. Build on the ruins of its ancient fortress, Iscar’s Castle stands majestic looking over the village. The oldest preserved parts of this fortress (probably dating back to the 13th century) are remains of the curtain wall and the inside structure of the tower. To provide a defence against possible attacks from the west side, weak point, the enclosure was re-enforced in the second halfof the fifteenth century for defensive purposes.

At the back of the Main Tower, a large defensive spur, flanked by two turrets transformed the ground floor into the shape of a pentagon.In this side also a new body was added as a defensive barbican, with a small artillery barrier with three circular barrel turrets. And for safety a Moat was dug into the limestone rocks whose access was by a drawbridge.

On one of these turrets appears the shield of Pedro de Zúñiga y Avellaneda and his wife Catalina de Velasco y Mendoza, IICounts of the Miranda del Castañar, which dates this work at between 1478 and 1493.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain


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User Reviews

T. Elizabeth Chávez (9 months ago)
We arrived at sunset and we were able to enjoy beautiful views with a nice sunset. We stayed on the terrace of the place having a drink and enjoying the night of the full moon. The attention of the bar is great, they are super friendly. It would be a beautiful place for informal gatherings.
Fernando Torre Alonso (11 months ago)
Torreón very well restored. It is precious. It has a bar with a large terrace on the parade ground, ideal for a quiet drink.
Jonathan Bragado Velasco (2 years ago)
It is wonderful in every way.
Amador Rq (2 years ago)
Great views, and they have a beer garden with a terrace.
Carlos Garcia Garcia (3 years ago)
Un poco deteriorado exteriormente y sobre tofo muy bonitas vistas desde el torreon de una preciosa llanura castellana... Luego al bajar una cervecita fresca en la fabrica que hay en el interuor del castillo...
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