Libohovë Castle

Libohovë, Albania

Libohovë Castle built between 1796 and 1798 as a gift from Ottoman Ali Pasha to his sister. The square castle was towers in corners. It has been renovated since 2013.



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Founded: 1796
Category: Castles and fortifications in Albania

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Luisetxe Luisetxe (8 months ago)
It is so fun to find a three hundred year old castle behind somebody's vineyards, with a communist bunker inside it as a bonus; or even have a beer under a 500 year old tree. It is a short ride by a paved, narrow and windy rural road from Gjirokaster, well worth the side trip if you have a car. The town is perch on the mountain side, with beautiful views from the valley and a reservoir beneath. This is a place where people are still happy to see tourists and not much English is spoken. Love it as a day trip, and I imagine must be beautiful in winter as well
Scratch Your Mapa (2 years ago)
The castle itself isn’t WOW but it has pretty views. We suggest going for sunset.
Caleb Hackett (3 years ago)
I couldn’t visit the inside as it was closed…. But if you go past the main entrance, around the other side, you will see a side street that goes into a communal farming area and you can peek inside the castle. Please be respectful as I’m not sure how locals will react seeing a tourist back there, it seems public and not blocked off, but I’m not certain. That being said, I wouldn’t go out of my way to see the castle unless you know it’s open. I only went because I was riding my bike near by.
Radmila Lemajić Kišgeci (3 years ago)
Ruins. Castle is in old village, but have people who lives there. In entrance of the village you can see bunkers. Entrance is free.To entrance to old Castle of Libohovo you must pass througth someones garden. People are cheerfully and help us. Spirit of.old times, lake is near, mountains are behind. Recommend to visit.
Kate Holub (3 years ago)
Castle is free of charge. There is only wall around the castle, and castle themselve was ruined. Inside it we saw chicken and ships walking there :) seems like ships live there in bunker :) But I recommend to visit it, view is fantastic. Also recommend to visit city, there is pretty nice square with a lot of cafes.
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