Land Gate

Zadar, Croatia

Once the largest city-fortress in the entire Republic of Venice, Zadar’s walls allowed it to retain more of its independence than most of its neighbouring cities, and meant that it was never captured by the Turks.

The most impressive gate of the walls was Land Gate - then the main entrance into the city - in the little Foša harbour, built by a Venetian architect Michele Sanmicheli in 1543. It is considered one of the finest monuments of the Renaissance in Dalmatia, and has the form of a triumphal arch with a central passage for wheeled traffic, and two smaller side arches for pedestrians. It is decorated with motifs such as St. Chrysogonus (Zadar’s main patron saint) on his horse, and the Shield of St. Mark (the coat of arms of the Republic of Venice). Previously, the area had been highly defensive, with a surrounding moat.



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Trg pet bunara 1, Zadar, Croatia
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Founded: 1543
Category: Castles and fortifications in Croatia

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Robert Chomicz (16 months ago)
An impressive 16th century, late renaissance gateway built by the Venetians as a main entrance to the walled city. A lot of symbology involved in the carvings. The Lion of St. Mark - the symbol of Venice - is much larger and located above the images of patron saints of Zadar, who are seen in the niches below. This was supposed to show the people of Zadar who was in charge in the city. The open book that the lion is holding means that Venice was at peace when the gate was completed.
Northern Wanderers (2 years ago)
When visiting city you have to enter through this gate and also you can go by the sea following city walls and then go around peninsula as we did one fine sunrise which can be spectacular here almost like sunsets. Visiting is a must when in Zadar! Make sure it’s on your list!
Ish Dee (2 years ago)
This was a super rainy day in Zadar. I still walked around the Historic City
prOozax (2 years ago)
The music sounds amazing between this walls terrace was so good ?
Alexandra Dumitru (2 years ago)
A lot of details and this gate. You should definitely check it out
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