Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Corfu, Greece

The Archaeological Museum of Corfu was built between 1962 and 1965. The museum land was donated by the city of Corfu. Its initial purpose was to house the archaeological finds from the Temple of Artemis in Corfu. In 1994 it was expanded with the addition of two more exhibit halls that display the more recent finds at the ancient citadel of Corfu. 

The collections of the museum include for example finds from excavations from the ancient city of Corfu, the region of Cassiope and district of Thesprotia.



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Vrela Armeni 1, Corfu, Greece
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Founded: 1962
Category: Museums in Greece

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4.4/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Sudarut W. (3 years ago)
It's a very nice museum if you're into historical stuff, air conditioning hall so it actually great in a hot summer ? But's very small if you're not around and have limited time or need to travel far for's not actually worth. If you've been to the national museum in Athens, you might be disappointed to visit here as here is pretty tiny and less to see compares to one in Athens.
Jenny Bignold (3 years ago)
Last went here before the renovation. Really worth a visit. Clearly explained with detailed signage in Greek and English. Well laid out and extremely interesting.
James G (3 years ago)
Really interesting collection which gives a lot of insight into ancient Corfu. In particular there are a lot of well preserved ceramics and jewellery which are amazing to have survived. Quite a few technical terms in the descriptions which could benefit from some further explanation so I found myself looking up definitions, would be easy for them to fill out some glossary terms. Very impressive pediment which fills a whole room at the end which is worth seeing.
Christine Menier (3 years ago)
Very good museum for those interested in history and archeology. Clear, bright, well organized and documented. Some great pieces found in Corfu island. Explanations in Greek and English only. A bit off touristic city center, so you will have to walk 10 to 15 minutes to get there from the old fortress.
RaphaelLioz (3 years ago)
Entrance is 6 euro, the place is not big but There are couple of interesting things to see. Its a escape from the heat in mid day. There are things to see in the garden as well.
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