The history of the Haikko manor dates back to 1362 when a Dominican monastery owned the site. Jöns Olafsson Stenbock bought the manor and Haikko was a residence of Stenbock family for next 400 years. In 1871 it was bought by general Sebastian von Etter. Several members of the Russian Imperial family visited Haikko because von Etter was a close friend to czar Nicholas II. During the revolution in 1917 Grand Duke Kiril´s eldest son Wladimir was born and christened at Haikko. He was the nearest aspirant to the imperial crown of Russia and he became later the head of the Romanov family.

Current main building was built in 1913. The Vuoristo family purchased the manor in 1965. Today Haikko provides conference center, spa and hotel facilities.



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Founded: 1913
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Finland
Historical period: Russian Grand Duchy (Finland)

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Teemu Kuuskoski (7 months ago)
We had 1 day at hotel Haikko. There is 20 rooms in the mansion but the other 180 rooms are beside hotel haikko in the spa section. Our room in the spa building was clean and comfortable. Huge plus on the AC on our room. The breakfast is in the mansion and it was really nice.
Mike Rockland (7 months ago)
The grounds and mansion were gorgeous and beautifully maintained. Ate at the restaurant. Had the grilled salmon, with potatoes and beets. Dessert was a lovely parfait.
Kaushik Narasimhan A K (8 months ago)
Loved the place way too much! Don't see any reason to give anything less than 5 stars. The spa session was amazing, the food was good and the location? The locality was beautiful with so much nature and the sea right next to the manor ❤️?
Timo Strengell (2 years ago)
Wonderful place in! Nice and peaceful surroundings with lots of cultural history and heritage around. Kitchen exceeded the expectations in the get-together dinner we had there. Also the conference center services were well organized taken the Corona safety into consideration.
Jouni Kiuru (2 years ago)
Excellent boutique hotel and spa. Awesome seaside view. Great facilities to have any kind of party or reception, birthdays, weddings, etc.
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