Libštejn Castle

Rokycany, Czech Republic

Libštejn castle is located above the Berounka south of Liblín in the Rokycany district. The castle was built by the royal construction manager Ulrich Tista von Liebstein as a private residence and was first mentioned in writing in 1361. At the end of the 14th century the castle came into the possession of the lords of Kolowrat. In the Hussite Wars belonged Libštejn Bedřich von Kolowrat, who, together with his brother Hanuš, was an important opponent of the Hussites.

In 1425 the castle was besieged by the Hussites and shot at from the surrounding hills. After seven weeks of siege, the two brothers signed an agreement with the Hussites and switched to their side. In 1590 the castle was mentioned as desolate. The main building of the castle were two adjoining palas buildings, which formed a small elongated courtyard in the middle. On the short sides, the courtyard was accessed by a square residential tower. The hilltop castle was built between three other higher peaks. This militarily unfavorable choice of location is due to the calm and stable times of Charles IV.



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Founded: 14th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Czech Republic


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Irena B. (3 years ago)
Great for us! This is exactly what we like. Almost deserted, in Cancak we were fourth this day, late in the afternoon, and others were heard in the woods, and we made room for them in time. Too bad we didn't know about the "entrance fee" in the form of stones! We additionally apologize! But it's a great idea from enthusiasts who are trying to put the castle together. Thanks a lot. We will definitely roll something next time.
Petr Rajský (3 years ago)
It is a classic ruin, but it is in the care of enthusiasts who are trying to create a place for rest from a piece of history. The path to the castle leads along a forest path, about 2 km long, at the end of which you will be welcomed by a beautiful campsite with the remains of a monumental castle fortifications. I highly recommend it for a quiet time.
Jan Stach (3 years ago)
Overall, I like the history of both castles and their ruins. If our Memorials gave more space to enthusiasts who, they would maintain and make these objects accessible to the public under common sense. Many of these monuments would not fall into disrepair today and they would earn money for themselves. A mere stall with a can of beer is not enough, as is the case in Krašov
Pepa Simek (5 years ago)
Jan Karban (7 years ago)
Beautiful ruins of castle from 14th century. The walk from Liblín is about 3km and after initial climb it's quite easy. The countryside around the castle is beautiful. The ruins consists of a tower and some remaining walls.
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