Collegiata di San Michele Arcangelo

Solofra, Italy

The Collegiata di San Michele Arcangelo, translated as Collegiate Church of St Michael Archangel, is a richly decorated, Baroque style, Roman Catholic church in Solofra.

The collegiata was instituted by the University of Solofra in 1522. The church building was completed in 1614, and proclaimed basilica in 1685. Over the centuries, it has required a number of reconstructions due to earthquakes. The bell-tower was built in 1564. The idiosyncratic facade, with three portals, has sculptures representing St Michael, the evangelists, and Fathers of the church; it faces the central square in town and the Palazzo Orsini.

The interior is remarkable for a wooden roof with twenty one framed canvases painted by Giovanni Tommaso Guarino, and depicting events from the old testament, while the transept has a ceiling with scenes from the new testament painted by Giovanni Tommaso's brother, Francesco. Other works in the church include an Epiphany by Andrea Sabbatini and an Assumption of the Virgin, witnessed by the Saints by Giovanni de Mari. The main altarpiece is a Coronation of the Virgin (1594 by Giovanni Battista Lama. Below the main altarpiece is a gilded statue of St Michael Archangel.

The church has an elaborated decorated and gilded front to the organ, and carved pulpit by the studio of Giovanni Antonio Scavo.



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Founded: 1614
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Carlo “Giorgio91” Carli (10 months ago)
From the outside it looks like a normal church...then you enter and the magic begins
fernando musto (13 months ago)
It is a beautiful church in the Baroque style, with important paintings from the Neapolitan school, mainly by Francesco Guarino, who was a native of the place. Worth a visit! The state of conservation of the complex is very good and it is certainly among the most beautiful churches in the province.
Alessia Del Vacchio (2 years ago)
It is the pride of the city, it is located in the center of a pleasant characteristic square, right in front of the ducal palace, seat of the Municipality of Solofra, and a historic fountain, the Fountain of the 4 Lions. The crypt was recently reopened for visits, after 40 years, a very important step in the process of enhancing the city's cultural heritage. Inside you can find paintings by the famous local painter Francesco Guarini: the coffered ceiling is wonderful and in harmony with the architecture of the Church.
R_ A_ F (5 years ago)
So good!
Valentina Ficuciello (5 years ago)
It's not parochialism... in the province of Avellino there is no jewel of the most precious art of our Collegiate.
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