Linköping Cathedral

Linköping, Sweden

The Linköping Cathedral is the seat for the bishop in the Church of Sweden Diocese of Linköping. The present church is about 800 years old. However, its history starts in the 11th century, with a wooden church being built. Later, around 1120, a stone church was being constructed; a basilica of about half the size of the present building.

Around 1230 it became necessary to construct a larger church, as the basilica had become too small. The church was extended to the East, with a new choir and transept. These parts remain as part of the present church. The current altarpiece is also from that period. The next extension of the church was made following the coronation of King Valdemar, in 1251. Now, the main building was constructed, and the church received its current length. Its length is 110 meters and the height of the tower is 107 metres.

Between 1408–1420 the chapels were constructed in Gothic architecture, with large windows and star shaped vaults. The chapels were named after Saint Andreas (later renamed into Saint Mary), St. Nicolaus and St. Thomas.

Fire damaged the roof of the church in 1546 and 1567. The tower was rebuilt between 1747–1758 and again between 1877–1886 by Helgo Zettervall. However, a restoration was made in 1967, restoring the shape of the 17th century roof. The roof is covered with copper plating. The corrosion has created the green color.



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Founded: c. 1120
Category: Religious sites in Sweden
Historical period: Consolidation (Sweden)


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User Reviews

God Pattern (7 months ago)
A beautiful piece of Swedish history highlighting our religious past while also being renewed enough to be save, comfturable and usable as it has 'gudstjänst' every week. Interesting fact for non-Linköping people; the top of this church is the highest point in all of Linköping!
Mihaela Mistocli (8 months ago)
I had the most beautiful event with an exceptional priest, thank you from the bottom of my heart to priest Johannes Zeiler
Jen (9 months ago)
This church is definitely a place you should see when you are staying in Linköping. In Germany I have never seen such a modern and interesting church, they have some pieces of art in there that we liked a lot. I recommend getting an information sheet from the reception to learn more about the historical background of the "Domkirkan" - it is worth it!
Richard Beckett (2 years ago)
Incredible and beautiful Cathedral. I’m not religious but seeing structures like this are breathtaking. The architecture and decoration are stunning. Worth a visit if you are in Linkoping
Haris T (2 years ago)
Linköping cathedral was built for about 800 years ago. It's really old and still functiong as a church and also tourist destination. You can have guided tour through the church where you can learn about the historic importance of it. Tourist büro and toilets are also there. Visit is free of charge, and a gem in this beautiful city. Higley recommended.
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