Medininkai Castle

Medininkai, Lithuania

Medininkai Castle was built in the late 13th century or the first quarter of the 14th century. The defensive perimeter of the castle was 6.5 hectares; it is the largest enclosure type castle in Lithuania.

The castle was built on plain ground and was designed for flank defence. The rectangular castle's yard covered approximately 1.8 hectares and was protected by walls 15 metres high and 2 metres thick. The castle had 4 gates and towers. The main tower (donjon), about 30 metres high, was used for residential quarters. Medininkai was first mentioned in 1392. The castle was badly damaged by a major fire in the late 15th century. Because of increased use of firearms, this type of castle was no longer suited for defensive purposes and was later used as a residence. In 1655 during the war with Russia the castle was badly damaged and never reconstructed again. During the Second World War Germans set their gun arsenal in one of towers of Medininkai castle. The tower was burst when Germans retreated. The castle was not repaired until 1960. Only then slow reconstruction works were started, however, full reconstruction was not finished until now.



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5213, Medininkai, Lithuania
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Founded: 1392
Category: Castles and fortifications in Lithuania


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User Reviews

Artem Afanasiev (4 months ago)
Castle is renovated. You can get on top of main tower. There is also museum inside main tower which is small, but pleasant. I recommend it as a weekend trip from Vilnius (~40 min drive) with kids.
Linas Gutauskas (16 months ago)
Nice castle with museum inside. Also there could be more activities in the garden.
Mindaugas Virsilas (17 months ago)
Hi everyone. Last Sunday of mnth, free entry for most museums. 6€ for adults, free for kids to 7 and etc. U can take photos for free, and some profi for extra charge. Well, a lot parking space, if it was for cash would love to see more, but for free?, very nice. Ok, seriously, if it is summer, go, don't know nothing about winter. Go with kids, they will love it and btw u got the whole room of ex-president Brazauskas trofees.
Gaja Šavelė (2 years ago)
Nicely preserved castle with museum situated in the corner tower, which has 5 floors and open top for nice view. Entrance fee is 6 EUR per person, free if charge for children up to 7 years. Has a big yard inside and some former prisoners keeping mechanisms. Nearby wooden church and hills of Juozapinė and Aukštoja.
Vidas Danielius (3 years ago)
Nice small castle with great history in itself. Nice small museum within the tower, possibility to climb on top of the tower to enjoy surrounding views.
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