Ivetofta Church

Bromölla, Sweden

Ivetofta Church was probably built in the 12th century, the tower (built in stone and decorated with carved sandstone) on the western side being added in the 13th century. The altar, pulpit, pews and the baptismal font were donated by Sophia Brahe in the early 17th century, who had moved to the area with her second husband and was known for her work in Danish genealogy. These features have been retained in the renovated church. Brahe had planned on being buried there but returned to her native Denmark, settling in Helsingør before she died. Her planned headstone is on display at Ivetofta church.

Major extensions were completed in 1850s in order to accommodate a growing population in the town. The old nave and chancel were demolished and a wider church room with cross arms and a three sided chancel were built by the architect C. G. Brunius. The nave was extended to form two arms of the cross. Major external renovation work was carried out in 2012, which retained features added by Brahe. The porch has the flooring that was removed from the coal cellar of the old church.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Religious sites in Sweden
Historical period: Consolidation (Sweden)

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User Reviews

Hugo wendel (2 years ago)
Prästen tappade mitt barn i dopskålen. Det verkar som protestanter inte är bra med barn
Joar Karström (2 years ago)
Prästen tappade mitt barn i dopskålen. Det verkar som protestanter inte är bra med barn
Cecilia Stockmab (2 years ago)
Vacker kyrka med unika plats.vackert belägen naturcd
Tommy Ekman (3 years ago)
Vackert inbäddad i lummig grönska, belägen nära Ivösjön, ligger Ivetofta kyrka i Bromölla pastorat. Kyrkan, som är en korskyrka, (kyrkorummet är korsformat), är ljust och öppet. Man har på ett pietetsfullt sätt anpassat kyrkan till modernare tider utan att ge avkall på de kulturhistoriska värdena. Äldsta delen, tornet, är från 1100-talet och orört. Även kyrkogården förtjänar omnämnas. Den är mycket lummig och välhållen.
Gabriel Wolf (3 years ago)
Very traditional, historical building. Community healthy and well looked after!
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