Château de Médavy

Médavy, France

Château de Médavy is a beautiful 18th century castle with classical architecture inspired in particular by Mansart (Versailles’ architect). Current main building was erected between 1705 and 1724 for Jacques-Léonor Rouxel de Médavy, marshal of France. The entirety was refurbished between 1754 and 1789 by Pierre Thiroux de Monregard, superintendent of the French relays and postal service.

The guided tour allows visitors to discover an elegant stairway, rooms decorated with pieces of French eighteenth century furniture, and portraits of previous owners such as the countess of Thiroux de Monregard painted by Louis-Michel Van Loo (Louis XVth court portraitist). Finally, two well-endowed chart rooms shelter Spanish cabinets as well as a collection of globes and atlases from the XVI to the XVIII century.

Outdoors (non-guided), two superb pathways, lined by lime trees, offer a pleasant walk along the Orne river. One of the towers has been transformed into a chapel and African works of art are exposed in the dovecote.



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Le Château 3, Médavy, France
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Founded: 1705-1724
Category: Castles and fortifications in France


4.3/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

jacqueline adenis (4 months ago)
A magnificent set. Lots of treasures inside the castle. Visit recommended. Another exhibition to see of model boats on the occasion of another visit. Quality guided tour with a very pleasant guide.
Maryline Paris (4 months ago)
Very interesting castle, with very nice collections. Thank you to the owner for continuing to research and expand his collections (furniture, trinkets, globes.... And a beautiful collection of model boats. Very interesting guided tour. I recommend.
jean philippe Goulet (5 months ago)
Very beautiful castle, too little known. It really deserves the detour. Very warm welcome.
Jean-Pierre Lont (10 months ago)
Very beautiful collections in this castle very well highlighted by an experienced guide (Nadège) who knew how to adapt to children and adults alike. The guide is very important to appreciate a castle and there we were lucky. Thanks to her, we were able to appreciate these varied collections. And for the continuation, there were the models of boats (no explanation, only booklets) and the garden with the animals.
LAMBERT frederic (2 years ago)
Very beautiful castle with interesting collections. The guide was on top. We recommend.
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