Château de Sassy was built of stone and bricks in the 18th century. It has imposing four levels of terraces. The Duke d’Audiffret-Pasquier, ancestor of the present owners, bought Sassy in 1850 and converted the east wing into a library, in order to house the important Parisian collection of his uncle, the Chancellor Pasquier.

Visitors can admire a fine furniture, various Aubusson and Gobelins tapestries and in the Chapel a 15 century retable (historical monument) coming from St. Bavon abbey in Ghent (Belgium). The Formal Gardens, surrounded by a moat, have been designed by Achille Duchesne, inspired by Le Nôtre achievements. This architecture of greenery and stone can be admired from the castle or when strolling along the terraces. The perspective is closed by a charming orangery, framed by a canopy of pruned lime trees. The garden's box, yew, laurel and other slow-growing evergreen plants are impervious to the seasons and wind, remaining fixed in their timeless splendour. The classical unity of the setting took more than a century to be accomplished. The central part of the castle dates back to the 18th century, while the formal beds were created around 1925.



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Founded: 18th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in France


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User Reviews

Martin Dore (2 years ago)
Fascinating history with a different perspective from the usual chateau experience.
Michael Poat (2 years ago)
Only visited the gardens. Very calm and enjoyable.
Norman Greer (2 years ago)
This chateau has the wow factor so really worth a visit. Beautiful countryside approaching the château and then up a long drive. Very tranquil with very good views of the surrounding area. To the back of the château is a beautifully layed out garden ( un peu Versailles ).
nounours delyoncésar (3 years ago)
Really very pretty and very beautiful, magnificent estate, magnificent castle o
Sébastien Saquert (4 years ago)
Very nice discovery at Sassy castle surrounded by a pretty country setting. The guided tour was very informative. Our guide was fascinating, making the tour come alive. We fell in love with the library and the two living rooms! The formal gardens are well pruned by two gardeners doing a remarkable job.
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