Bergen Museum

Bergen, Norway

Bergen Museum or officially The University Museum of Bergen was founded in 1825. It is divided into two departments, the Natural History Collections and the Cultural History Collections and Public Outreach and exhibitions. It is also the caretaker of the museum garden, formerly the botanical garden, surrounding the natural history building, and the city's arboretum. The cultural history museum exhibits the history of region from the Stone Age to Viking Age and modern history.



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Founded: 1825
Category: Museums in Norway

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4.4/5 (based on Google user reviews)

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Roger Bosshard (3 years ago)
Very much worth a visit
Jackie Orr (3 years ago)
An extensive display of religious artefacts from the time around the Reformation. Otherwise, a few smaller displays about theater and knitting. The display about the Vikings did not give any history of the time, just told about how some of the artefacts were stolen and are still missing. I understand that this was awful and they want the artefacts returned, but it did totally take over the historic element of the display.
Marc Vo (3 years ago)
5 Stars for the Natural History Meseum, 3 stars for the Cultural History Museum.
Maerianne Halland (4 years ago)
Such a wonderful trip inside the museum in this windy and rainy day in Bergen. We had a short trip with a group of ladies in the museum. It's really big and spacious with organize specimens and displays. Useful and easy to understand of each information given to. You will get confused where to go first cause everything is very wild, very scientific and you definitely curious to yourself and would likely to stay longer cause 1 hour wont be enough, sadly. Friendly staffs, have a really nice wardrobe for jackets and bags. Hope you enjoy visiting the museum. And better to be there early cause 1 hour trip is very short and you will get a cliffhanger feeling if you dont see it everything.And dont forget to visit there cafe so cozy and serves nice food and warm drinks.
Pieter Jouwsma (6 years ago)
An interesting museum, however the descriptions are mostly in Norwegian without any translation.
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