The Savonlinna Provincial Museum

Savonlinna, Finland

The Provincial Museum concentrates on the cultural history of Southern Savo and the sailing history of Lake Saimaa. It is located in a former state granary designed by Ernst B. Lohrmann was completed in 1852.

The permanent exhibition "On the platform, life on the shores of Lake Saimaa" displays the living conditions on the shores of Lake Saimaa. It talks about prehistoric times, Sääminki Church art from the 18th century, a Savo cottage from the 1920s, ship models and Finland’s oldest used Savo-style boat. The museum has also four museum steam ships: steam tug Ahkera (1871), steam schooner Salama (1874), passenger steamer Savonlinna (1904) and tarred steamer Mikko (1914).


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Founded: 1852
Category: Museums in Finland
Historical period: Russian Grand Duchy (Finland)


4.2/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Riina-Helen Lille (6 months ago)
Very beautiful castle
Antoine shao (8 months ago)
Firstly, Savonlinnan museum and the Salama boat museum Have a connected ticket, no need to buy separate one each of them. The primary exhibition is about Salama boat history, when and why she was sinked,and also when and how to salvage it. Besides that, there is a puppet show where you can see the different types of ragdolls. It seems they are quite big age already. Opposite the puppet wall is a kaleidoscope patterned wall where you can see the different types of kaleidoscopes from pony to fairy tale princess. It's pretty lucky to watch a photo exhibition: Oma koti, From the Finnish famous photographe Ari Jaskari. Salama boat is another one we have been very enjoyable tourist attractions. Currently, She is only a boat for visiting and lost the original foundation. But, luckily, she will be 150 year old celebration next year.
Mika (2 years ago)
Nice little museum next to the castle. Upstairs exhibition of local region was really good. Shop has actual local souvenirs.
Simona Masova (2 years ago)
Museum with interesting exhibitions from local history. Thanks to them I found out that Saimaa lake is actually home of seal (Saimaannorppa) ??.
Mikko Manninen (3 years ago)
Nice relatively small museum near castle. Worth of visiting since it won't require too much time
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