Roznów Castle Ruins

Rożnów, Poland

The Rożnów Castle is a complex of defensive objects, consisting of a medieval “upper castle” and Renaissance fortifications (“lower castle”). Its history dates back to the 13th century, when the Gryfita family built here a watchtower. The castle itself was probably built in 1350–1370 by Piotr Rozen. It is in the shape of a rectangle, 44 meters by 20 meters. In 1426, the castle was purchased by one of the most famous Polish knights, Zawisza Czarny, and after his death, it remained in the hands of Zawisza’s sons. In the late 15th century, Rożnów belonged to the Wydźga family, and later, to the Tarnowski family.

In the first half of the 16th century, during the Polish Golden Age, Hetman Jan Tarnowski began the construction of a fortress at Rożnów. It was planned to become one of the strongest and most modern fortresses in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, guarding southern border of the nation against the Ottoman Empire, which, after the Battle of Mohacs emerged as the dominant state in Southeastern Europe. Tarnowski’s death in 1561 put an end to these plans, and the construction was never completed.



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Rożnów, Poland
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Founded: 13th century
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Poland

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Marcin Olesik (2 years ago)
The castle of Zawisza Czarny, the most famous knight of medieval Europe, the hero of the Battle of Grunwald. It comes from the fourteenth century. Unfortunately, the castle now resembles a pile of rubble with a few protruding walls. Being nearby, you can stop and see what it looks like. In 2015, archaeological works were carried out here and a plan was created to rebuild the castle tower and incorporate modern architecture of metal and glass into the ruins. I keep my fingers crossed for this investment to be successful.
Leszek Nagórski (2 years ago)
Visit, because this place won't be here soon! The original, not rebuilt, undeveloped, currently only excavations cleared of rubble, poorly protected. Removal of rubble revealed the original paving in the inner courtyard. Beautifully situated on a narrow mountain ridge. On the one hand, there is a view of the Dunajec valley, below the dam, on the other - Lake Rożnowskie. In the past, the view was more beautiful, because now it is partially obscured by trees that have grown here over the years ... Stop here if you are driving to the Rożnów water dam! It's worth it.
Artur Wysocki (3 years ago)
Ruiny ruin
Marzena Kania (3 years ago)
You can stop for a moment going to the Rożnowska dam, or when you come back, but there is not much there, you can walk around in a minute, maybe two ..
beavislodz (3 years ago)
Rough, not renovated. Unfortunately not preserved nor secured. Beautiful veiws. Nice stop if you pass by. Took us about 15 mins there.
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