Paldiski Lighthouses

Paldiski, Estonia

The Pakri Lighthouse in Paldiski was built in 1889 and it is the tallest one (52m) in Estonia. There are also remains of the massive lighthouse which was completed in 1760 in place of an old Swedish period light beacon.


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Founded: 1724 & 1889
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Estonia
Historical period: Part of the Russian Empire (Estonia)

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4.7/5 (based on Google user reviews)

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Toomas Suls (2 years ago)
Very good view up to 50km, but during winter might not get outside. Tickets can be bought next to lighthouse
Ieva Utena (2 years ago)
The weather was windy and quite cool, but we still went for a walk at the edge of the clif. There is a pathway. Went till the ligthhouse.
Estere Kristiāna Sabaite (2 years ago)
Student friendly ( student ticket cost 3 EUR). No elevator, so keep that in mind if you have problems with stairs because you have to climb a lot. But the view is beautiful
Evelyn Valtin (2 years ago)
Vistit to the lighthouse was very interesting. Especially because of the ticket seller was knowledgeable and talkative. She shared useful information about the lighthouse and about the area over all. Great view and a nice walk up and down more than 500 steps.
Minh Long (2 years ago)
Only a short climb to the top and you will be rewarded with stunning view to the Baltic sea as well as the surrounding nature.
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