Château de Breteuil is built on a promontory overlooking the Chevreuse Valley. For most of its existence, the castle has been known as Bévilliers -from latin bis villae (two villas)- which implies that this property would date back to the gallo-roman period.

The first estate appears in History as early as 1066 with Guillaume Osbern, the first Breteuil, who was Seneschal to the Duke of Normandy. Guillaume Osbern took part in the conquest of England by William the Conqueror, who saw him as his most faithful companion. In the summer of 1067 the King returned to Normandy, leaving the Lord of Breteuil and his brother in charge of England in his absence.

At the time, a fortified castle was built in Bévilliers; its dovecote and moats still remain today. In 1596, Thibaut Desportes bought the estate still called Bévilliers. Bordered by medieval square moats, a new castle was laid out around an enclosed courtyard, A pleasure garden was carefully thought out, situated at the foot of the north facade, so that the sun never glares into the eyes of the person contemplating it.

The curtain walls were removed and moat dried in 1820-1830. The major restoration took place in the end of the 19th century: two wings were added and the gardens were extended.



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Founded: 1596
Category: Castles and fortifications in France


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User Reviews

Akram Kiassi (6 months ago)
Beautiful castle with amazing gardens, a kids playground and a picnic area with a food vendor.
J EGR (8 months ago)
Great Castle, extremely kids friendly, nice toys in a grass area, fairy tales, natural labyrinth, beautiful environment! The best kids friendly castle I've ever seen.
Kacper Kwapisz (8 months ago)
Entrance just for the garden and park is around 11€. I recommend having a walk in the park (around 1h). There are two ponds and quite a lot of birds.
Imad GEAGEA (15 months ago)
Amazing lady telling story to kids, so professional ?
Arnaud Titoy (22 months ago)
Excellent park! Good for a walk at the moment since the castle is close cause of covid. Park is super nice and you can go deep further in the wood, nice trees and 2 little lake with some swans ?
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