Château du Saussay

Ballancourt-sur-Essonne, France

The château du Saussay is built on the ruins of a 15th-century feudal castle, and is a rare collection of two 18th-century châteaux facing each other at the entrance to a Romantic park surrounded by water. Inside, their reception rooms evoke the lives of their inhabitants.

The property of Olivier Le Daim, barber to the French kings from Louis XI to Louis XV, the château was burned by the Spanish during the Wars of Religion.

The owner obtained permission from Henry IV by letters patent to surround the château with water. He then rebuilt the château in the brick-and-stone style. The property of Me de Gaumont, a member of parliament, it was handed down by the women of the Bragelongne family, by Canclaux and finally Colbert at the start of the 19th century.

In 1735 a pavilion - identical in appearance to the original château - was built facing it, to give the appearance (surviving to this day) of two châteaux opening onto a park. Just before the French Revolution, the entry building and raised bridge were demolished and replaced with two elegant pavilions in the style of the architect Nicolas Ledoux (end of the 18th century). In the 19th century the Colberts doubled the size of the main pavilion and endowed the château with a magnificent library.

At the start of the 20th century, the château passed to the Bourbon Busset family, and the park was redesigned by the great landscape artist Achille Duchêne, joining the charm of parks in the English style with classical harmony of gardens in the French style. His redesigned park was made up of three perspectives, several water features, and lawns framed with topiary or planted with rare trees. The académicien Jacques de Bourbon Busset lived in this château, where his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren still live today.



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Founded: 1620
Category: Castles and fortifications in France

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User Reviews

Beate Begon (12 months ago)
Small complex with two castles. Somewhat wild garden with a relaxed atmosphere. Interesting tour of the castle.
Jean-Luc Godard (13 months ago)
Nice little place in Ballancourt sur Essonne where a part of the movie "Dangerous Liaisons" was shot in 1988 as well the day of the jackal
Nicolas Ancelle (15 months ago)
Superb guided tour of the Château du Saussay, our guide was passionate and smiling! Free visit of the beautiful and very pleasant gardens.
Lamiae Mez (2 years ago)
A majestic and extraordinary place. A haven of peace 2 steps from Paris. Go for it !!!! It's unbelievable but true ????
A very pretty place! Private place but we had the chance to go there to take pictures with the brides, It is really magnificent, a particular fact of this castle which is separated into two parts. The garden is very large with ponds and columns in various places ?.
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