Kamen Castle Ruins

Begunje, Slovenia

At the entrance to the Draga Valley, by the fringes of the village of Begunje, the picturesque ruins of Kamen Castle look down from the top of a rocky ledge. This centuries-old trade-route guardian, built on a raised location, awaits you with its Romanesque tower and the imposing ruins of its Gothic and Renaissance extensions.

The castle was built in the twelfth century by the counts of Ortenburg; however, they chose not to live there, and so the castle was managed by castellans. In 1418, the castle came into the possession of the counts of Cilli, and subsequently fell into the hands of the Lambergs in 1436. The most distinguished member of the Lamberg family to come from Kamen Castle was Gašper Lambergar, a tournament knight who is sung about in the folk poem Pegam and Lambergar.

The counts of Lamberg abandoned the castle in the middle of the eighteenth century and moved to the more comfortable Katzenstein Mansion in Begunje.

The castle's location at the entrance to the Draga Valley, its preserved Romanesque tower — which can be climbed all the way to the top — the remnants of its Gothic and Renaissance keeps, and the trail that leads you through the castle area all guarantee a memorable visit. A visit to the castle is free of charge and at your own risk.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Slovenia

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User Reviews

Miriam Tilli (9 months ago)
parking is difficult, but free, just stay somewhere where you don't disturb the others. entrance is free, mind your step!
Winncie (10 months ago)
Free entrance. Parking is available right in front of the castle (4 spots). You'd have to pass a narrow bridge first so it's not recommended for large cars. You can wander around at your own leisure.
Jian Chen (12 months ago)
Discovered this castle by chance on our last day in Slovenia. I found it much better than the over-commercialized castle in Ljubljana. It brought me back in time. You can explore most part of it and not be bothered by too many tourists.
Oskar Vovčak (12 months ago)
Great hike and a good experience. Beautiful views and just amazing architecture.
Phil Wolf (17 months ago)
Amazing 800 year old Castle with some minor renovations for access. The oldest part of the castle is fenced off for renovations, but the majority of the castle and grounds can be explored. If time allows, take the hiking path from the back of the tower to a prehistoric cave and nice views into the valley.
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