Narva Town Hall

Narva, Estonia

The town hall is one of the three buildings in Narva survived from World War II. The Baroque-style building was built by the order of Swedish king Charles XI. The project of the master George Teuffel from Lubeck formed the basis of the building, the construction of which started in 1688. After three years, at the latest in 1691, the building was finished when a gold-plated forged weathercock in the form of a crane was put at the top of the tower (it was made by master Grabben).

During the World War II, the Town Hall was severely damaged: the tower, the roof, the flooring were destroyed, the stairs and the figures at the portal got considerable damages. During the renovation works in the Town Hall (1956-1963), the tower was rebuilt, and the building attained the new roof; the facade and the portal were reconstructed, and the grate that connected stairs and handrails was restored.

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Rüütli 1, Narva, Estonia
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Founded: 1688-1691
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Estonia
Historical period: Part of the Swedish Empire (Estonia)


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User Reviews

21 12 (7 months ago)
Cafe employee ignored us. Did not offer to serve us, just continued working. Nice place but horrible woman working today! (Christmas Eve 2023 on 24 Dec) in the afternoon. Never going there again and will tell everyone I know not to visit due to awful customer service!
Rasmus Karits (9 months ago)
Historically significant building. Built in the middle of last millenia. Survived the bombing of Narva in 1944. After that it was renovated and also survived the demolition bourgouis building by the soviet regime.
Ave Pill (10 months ago)
It's a historical building opened after full renovation summer 2023. Open for public as the Narva Tourist Information is located on the 1st floor. They also have a fantastic VR experience there, you can see the most beautiful baroc city as Narva was before II WW. A must see experience in Narva!
The Mku (13 months ago)
Newly renovated historic town hall that is open to the public.
Yefim Shabarov (3 years ago)
Nice place!
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