The manor of Rogosi was established around the year 1600 by Stanislaw Rogosinsky probably to the site of medieval vassal stronghold. The present main building was was completed in 1780’s. The square castel-style is unique in Estonia. The outbuildings as well as the gate tower originate from the 19th century (restored in 1999). Today Rogosi hosts a training centre and guesthouse.


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Ruusmäe küla, Haanja, Estonia
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Founded: 1780's
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Estonia
Historical period: Part of the Russian Empire (Estonia)


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Ando Meentalo (3 months ago)
Nice history, friendly people. "You can always go in, when door is open"
Fisayo Akande (11 months ago)
Good location for group events and timeout if town
Janne Aule (11 months ago)
Lovely atmosphere. The rooms are a bit disappointing - neither modern and pretty nor true to the age of the building (except one room - Mõisahärra tuba). From the outside it's amazing though.
Rene Teinberg (2 years ago)
Very good place to stop for the night and breakfast. Also bigger events can be hosted here, like weddings, funerals, conferences, etc.
Lennart Mängli (2 years ago)
Very interresting historical place!
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