Château d'Aumelas

Aumelas, France

Château d'Aumelas was mentioned first time in 1036. From to 1213 1350, Aumelas fell to the Kings of Majorca and finally to the possession of King of France. The castle was ruined in the 16th century after it was dismantled and damaged in the Wars of Religion.


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Aumelas, France
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Founded: 11th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in France
Historical period: Birth of Capetian dynasty (France)


4.5/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Franck Franck (11 months ago)
Lieu très bien à garder secret
Béatrice Lemattre- DALBAN-MOREYNAS (12 months ago)
Très joli lieu . Belle promenade pour arriver jusqu'à ce château
philippe montoya (12 months ago)
Très belle ruine et point de vue splendide. Ça vaut le détour
Jm Saintou (2 years ago)
Bonjour Peu connu ce chateau domine une vallée et offre un superbe panorama.
Chris Bahonda (2 years ago)
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