Valga Orthodox Church

Valga, Estonia

The Orthodox church of Saint Isidore was built between 1897-1898 and it was designed by V. J. Lunski. The church has five octagonal cupolas and represents the neo-classicism style.

  • Tapio Mäkeläinen 2005. Viro - kartanoiden, kirkkojen ja kukkaketojen maa. Tammi, Helsinki, Finland.


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Pargi 1, Valga, Estonia
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Founded: 1897-1898
Category: Religious sites in Estonia
Historical period: Part of the Russian Empire (Estonia)

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4.9/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Valentina Klement (2 months ago)
Удивительное место. Звуки колокольного звона завораживают. Всегда ухоженная церковь. А какая там чудесная служба! Восхитительное место!
_ O _ (9 months ago)
Очень красивый старинный храм! Относится к Константинопольскому Патриархату, от которого произошло Крещение Святой Княгини Ольги , а также само Крещение всего Православного народа. Я рекомендую посещение храма для молитвы! ?
33 - 51 (9 months ago)
A very beautiful old temple! Refers to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, from which the Baptism of the Holy Princess Olga, as well as the Baptism of the entire Orthodox people, originated. I recommend going to the temple for prayer! ?
Lea Mändla (10 months ago)
I was in the right place at the wrong time. I could only admire the building from the outside
Hans Gruger (3 years ago)
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