Kufstein Fortress

Kufstein, Austria

Kufstein fortress is one of the most impressive medieval constructions in Tyrol. It is located on a hill rising above the city of Kufstein. This fortress has already been built very early in order to control the entrance from the Alpine foothills into the Inntal valley. However, it has been mentioned for the first time in 1205 AD, when it was in possession of the bishops of Regensburg. In 1415 it was reinforced by Louis VII, Duke of Bavaria.

In 1504 the city and the fortress were besieged and conquered by Emperor Maximilian I. Maximilian had the massive round tower built between 1518 and 1522, substantially adding to its defensibility. From 1703 to 1805 it was a Bavarian possession, returning to Austria in 1814. The fortress acted as prison for a number of political dissidents during the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Today it houses the City Museum of Kufstein. Part of it is also used for concerts and meetings.



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Founded: c. 1205
Category: Castles and fortifications in Austria


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User Reviews

Kimberly Braham (7 months ago)
Interesting stop driving from Cortina to Munich. Great walk around both inside and out to learn about the history of the fortress. Great museum and quite an impressive collection of historical artifacts.
Pietro Dell' Erba (8 months ago)
A truly wonderful Castle. I visited it during the Ritterfest and I enjoyed every corner of It. It gives you a wonderful view of the Town and of the Inn's surroundings. A true Pearl!
Serena T. (11 months ago)
At first I was hesitant to visit it but I don't regret it. It was definitely a good decision. The fortress is really huge and in good condition. Amazing views. You can walk there for hours. Recommend to come before 12PM as at 12 pm there is a small concert with the organ. The maestro is playing famous melodies of the visitors' locations. Must attend place!
Peter Gronerth (12 months ago)
Ahh unexpected adventures are the best so I will try not to spoil to much of what awaits you if you come here. The obvious: the view from the castle into the mountains and the town below are worth the 12.50€ we had to pay to enter. But what is truly special is the way you can get up to the castle. For once I would urge everyone reading this to only walk either up or down and take the elevator in the other direction that best suits you. We rode 6 times up and down... Back to back :D There also is a small restaurant inside the castle. The cake served isn't the best I have ever had, but it is no disappointment either. All in all, of you have a heart for the medieval and like a view, take the trip :)
Andrii Gerasymchuk (13 months ago)
Indeed this is an interesting and exciting experience. One can find themselves in a medieval atmosphere, try being imprisoned, try on a knight's helmet and gloves, observe the variety of cannons, enter the dungeons, well and many many more. the views from the castle are amazing! Definitely a recommendation.
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