Craigston Castle

Turriff, United Kingdom

Craigston Castle is a historic home of the Urquhart family. It was built 1604–07 by John Urquhart of Craigfintry. The castle is composed of two main wings flanking the entrance and connected by an elevated arch, and surmounted by a richly corbelled parapet. There are bases for corner turrets near the top corner of each wing, but the turrets themselves do not appear to have ever been completed. The wood carvings in the drawing room depict biblical themes and Clan Urquhart heraldic artifacts.

The castle is still owned and lived in by the Urquhart family, who trace their descent back to Adam Urquhart, 14th-century sheriff of Cromarty.



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Turriff, United Kingdom
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Founded: 1604-1607
Category: Castles and fortifications in United Kingdom


4.9/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Nicklas Hellborg (2 years ago)
This was my second time visiting this lovely castle and it’s surroundings. There’s lots to see and do, both at the castle and in it’s proximity. This time around my group and I focused on visiting several golf courses and the local pubs which was allot of fun. All the locals are really friendly and has alot of storys to tell. With the lovely host Elisabetta the castle feels like you’re home for a weekend, she takes good care of you and you’re group and has alot of stories about the castle and the history of it. I can highly recommend booking the chef Nelson for your stay as well, as he cooks the most wonderful meals. Looking forward to our next visit!
I loved staying in this place cause it’s beautiful and peaceful, i loved its nature and the entire castle is amazing, Betta is also a really nice person, we’ll absolutely return!❤️❤️
giulia (2 years ago)
I' ve been to Craigston Castle three times in the last 4 years, last time February 2022. It has always been an exciting experience, both for the warm and welcoming atmosphere that never disappoints, and for the wonderful natural rich environment of fauna and flora. It is a castle full of history, you can perceive it in every corner, however hidden it may be, but it is above all a home, lived-in and beloved. An experience absolutely to enjoy.
June Brawner (3 years ago)
Absolutely fantastic place to celebrate our dear friends' tenth weeding anniversary!! We made many unforgettable memories and hope to visit again in the future.
Marty Dunlop (3 years ago)
Craigston Castle was an absolute treasure. Our group visit castles for a long weekend every year (with a little gap due to Covid) and out of all the majestic landmarks we've visited, this was probably the best one yet. There are many great points about our stay, so I'll just start listing them. The grounds are nestled in a great little corner west of Aberdeen, with great woods and agri land all around. When you arrive, the castle stands with great prominence at the end of the driveway, welcoming you like high society. Even before you arrive, you're greeted by Elisabetta through email and text, welcoming you to your stay and ensuring everything is in place beforehand. Before, on arrival and during your stay, Elisabetta gives a welcoming air to the weekend. You're not short of space or rooms with Craigston, many lovely bedrooms (even with some under renovation), a cosy and full kitchen area, beautiful main lounge, elegant dining room and an absolutely amazing garden. Even in winter it was nice to sit out in. As the castle is lived in and still owned by the family, it's always cosy, warm and comfortable (in contrast to some Trust properties are colder and less homely due to being caretaked as opposed to lived in). Everything about the estate and castle is looked after and tended to so you really feel at home when you arrive and stay. I would definitely recommend Craigston to all for a long weekend or week with the family/large group of close friends, a great getaway. Having the ability to bring two of the groups dogs along really made it too, having great walks on the doorstep and a well equipped/cosy ground floor for them to stay. Top of our list as a group of castle goers! From our experience the price is of great value too, for what you get and in contrast to any other castle you could look at for the same time.
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