Introd Castle

Introd, Italy

Introd castle stands on a promontory protected by the harsh gorges of the Savara and the Dora di Rhêmes (in fact the name Introd derives from the term Interaquas, or entre-eaux in French, which means “between the waters”) and probably dates back to the 12th century.

Like Graines castle, originally, it probably consisted of a square keep surrounded by a perimeter wall. Around 1260 Pierre Sarriod of Introd transformed the early castle which, following the modifications of the 15th century became five-sided and almost circular in shape, setting it apart from other castles in Val d’Aosta. These transformations mark the apogee of the Sarriod family, which included the Lords of Introd and La Tour (Saint-Pierre). 

The castle was heavily damaged by two fires during the second half of the 19th century and was rebuilt at the start of the 1900s by Gonella, who engaged the architect Chevalley. Today it is owned by the Counts Caracciolo of Brienza and rented out for free to the Municipality of Introd. The ground floor and castle gardens are open to the public.



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Introd, Italy
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Founded: c. 1260
Category: Castles and fortifications in Italy

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User Reviews

Riccardo Panuele (17 months ago)
The castle certainly deserves a positive note, the attention to detail would be a moment able to review, in a room there were even and garbage bags, I understand it is complicated to manage but I think it could be the minimum. For the rest, an absolutely pleasant visit
susy pavia (17 months ago)
Beautiful guided tour in the castle. The ticket costs 4 euros + 2 if you want to go up to the tower, with a crazy view. There are still many structural elements of the time, such as food deposits with special doors and closures. In the castle still beautiful frescoes. I hope they always keep it that way. I absolutely recommend the tour.
Virginia Pascale (17 months ago)
Hurry to visit it before it is sold! The guided tour is really very interesting. The castle, almost entirely destroyed by a fire, has been renovated in the Aosta Valley style. The main room is dominated by a fabulous fireplace! Look at the photos. It is really worth it. The visit can be easily booked on the internet
Eugenio Lorenzi (2 years ago)
Very well-kept location, we visited it in a magnificent day. I appreciated the availability of public services. As soon as the pedestrian path is completed it will be perfect.
Nadia Berto (2 years ago)
Very nice and well prepared guide. And then the castles take you back to other times and are always full of charm
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