Escaladieu Abbey

Bonnemazon, France

Escaladieu Abbey was a Cistercian abbey located in the French commune of Bonnemazon. Its name derives from the Latin Scala Dei ('ladder of God'). The abbey was founded in 1142 and became an important pilgrimage stop on the Way of St. James en route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. The abbey is situated at the confluence of the Luz and the Arros rivers near the Château de Mauvezin.

The abbey was continuously inhabited by Cistercian monks until 1830 when it sold to an unknown local family. In 1986, the abbey was purchased by the Conseil Général des Hautes-Pyrénées which undertook its restoration.



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Couvent, Bonnemazon, France
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Founded: 1142
Category: Religious sites in France
Historical period: Birth of Capetian dynasty (France)


4.2/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Denis LAMOUROUX (4 months ago)
Très beau site, accès gratuit pour les pèlerins. Super accueil ?
safran fleury (4 months ago)
Raw visit of formwork ... With Cistercians, it is coherent. Marriage with a magnificent exhibition inside and out perfectly successful. Finally on Sunday, we were able to enjoy a very playful animation that changes the standard visits in this type of universe. To discover ...
Paolo Sardi (4 months ago)
The venue is very disappointing. Among the works in progress, the stage under construction and a girl who has occupied the chapter house with a playful setting for children, it is not possible to take a decent photo. 6 € to save if you just don't happen to be there by chance.
Julie Pierremont (4 months ago)
Lors d'une journée rando, nous avons fait une pause dans notre escapade par cet Abbaye. Nous sommes bien tombés: il y avait une exposition et un spectacle vivant. Nous avons profité de la fraicheur des lieux et avons été émerveilleux par les oeuvres de l'exposition. Une très jolie Abbaye, toujours occupé par des moines, avec beaucoup de charmes, de calme et de paix.
Thierry Carriere (2 years ago)
le personnel est très gentil visite très agréable beaucoup d'explication à voir absolument
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