Khertvisi Castle

Khertvisi, Georgia

Khertvisi is one of the oldest fortresses in Georgia and was functional throughout the Georgian feudal period. It was first built in the 2nd century BC. The church was built in 985, and the present walls were built in 1354. As the legend says, Khertvisi was destroyed by Alexander the Great.

In the 10th-11th centuries it was the center of Meskheti region. During the 12th century it became a town. In the 13th century Mongols destroyed it and until the 15th century it lost its power. In the 15th century it was owned by Meskheti landlords from Jakeli family. In the 16th century the southern region of Georgia was invaded by Turks. During next 300 years they have owned Khertvisi too.

At the end of the 19th century Georgian and Russian army returned the lost territories and Khertvisi became the military base for Russian and Georgian troops. Khertvisi fortress is situated on the high rocky hill in the narrow canyon at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Paravani Rivers.



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Founded: 1354
Category: Castles and fortifications in Georgia


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Levan Mikeladze (3 months ago)
Khertvisi Fortress stands as a pivotal landmark in the rich tapestry of Georgian history, a resplendent testament to the sublime fusion of architectural prowess and cultural heritage.
Koen (4 months ago)
Khertvisi Fortress is one of the oldest castles in Georgia. Although local legend claims that the castle was conquered by Alexander the Great, the oldest written mention dates from the 10th/11th century. The oldest part of the castle is the small church, the walls are the work of Zakari Kamkamishvili who had the castle and the citadel thoroughly renovated in 1354-56. The castle is located on a high rock at the confluence of the Mtkvari and Paravani rivers, an important road junction between Georgia, Turkey and Armenia. This important position led to both prosperity and disaster; the citadel was often stormed, besieged and conquered. So unfortunately there is less to see, but nevertheless the Khertvisi Fortress is a captivating and scenic destination.
gamB0 X (5 months ago)
Very beautiful castle. A bit hard to get there unless you rent a car.
Talia Kear - Davies (6 months ago)
A must see if you are in the area. Fortress is strategically located at a crossroads between three different mountain passes. Historical significance makes this a worthwhile visit. The fortress is more impressive on the outside than the inside.
Julian Worker (6 months ago)
Now this is my idea of a castle. Stuck on a rock above the river, this place looks formidable and impressive.
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