Laguna de Negrillos Castle

Laguna de Negrillos, Spain

Castle of Laguna de Negrillos is one of the fortress that belonged to the Conde Luna, with a characteristic structural style which features for a square floor and use of masonry , except in the corners, whose arris are built in ashlar stone. The keep tower and the crenellated walls are preserved.

It was arisen in the 13th century, although what you can seen today is the reconstruction carried out in the 15th century by Don Diego Fernández de Quiñones and Doña María de Toledo.



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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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Marce M (3 years ago)
It is currently in the process of being restored, in fact it is not possible to access the interior because there are workers working. Let's see how they work it out because it could be fantastic. As it is, it is already quite impressive. The truth is that I liked it a lot, let's see what comes out of there.
Tomás Martínez Ramos (3 years ago)
It is a spectacular Alcazar !! He is in rehabilitation ... so as not to miss it ..
カステロロシオ (3 years ago)
Castillo Alcázar de Laguna de Negrillos is being rehabilitated. The truth is that they have dropped it, it is very abandoned, to see if it now has a change of face. It is small, and has quite a few stork nests. Next to it there is a fountain to refresh you. It is next to the town hall and one of the town's churches; church of San Juan Bautista.
Francisco gallego Martínez (3 years ago)
Hi. Spectacular castle that needs the 183,000 euros of investment for its conservation. A covered space inside and a lookout tower set up would be interesting. Laguna de Negrillos is fantastic.
José Ignacio Macías Heras (3 years ago)
Nice castle under reconstruction. In the absence of better signage on the nearby highway. Elsewhere they would have given more publicity. Let's hope the Board finishes it and can be visited.
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